Using 2 Hubitat hubs?

I have been using Wink for the last few years and am happy with it, but feel a need to migrate to another system as it appears that Wink is not long to this world. I am trying to learn how Hubitat might fill this void.

I’ll quickly summarize our current setup. We have two WIFI routers - one in the house and one in a detached garage/shop. The one in the shop is connected to the primary WIFI router in the house via Ethernet and acts as a “slave” (I think its formal name is Ethernet Backbone) to the primary router in the house. The result is that it operates as a single large network (one SSID) and I can move from garage to house without having to disconnect and reconnect any device that I have in my pocket. We also have 2 Wink hubs – one in the house and one in the garage. The one in the garage sees the garage WIFI router while the Wink hub in the house connects with the router in the house. Due to range issues, I'm pretty sure I will need 2 Hubitat hubs - one running off the WIFI router in the house and the other running off the WIFI router in the garage. Same for Lutron bridges - I'll need 2. Any problems with this configuration? Can I have control over everything with just a single instance of the Hubitat app on my phone? (Lutron would require 2 instances of their app on my phone - one to control each bridge. Yuck!)

One other question....Will Hubitat communicate with my Leviton modules? (I think these are Z-wave)

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First, Hubitat does not have WiFi, nor does the Caséta Smart Bridge Pro, so ensure you have two Ethernet ports in each router available.

Yes. You’re going to want to use HubConnect (a community app) or Link to Hub and Hub Link (Built-in apps). Most in the community seem to prefer HubConnect. This will allow devices to be shared between the two hubs.

Here are the tested compatible devices