User interface improvements - Global settings [On/Off optimization, Logging, Delays (via metering), etc]

This is a feedback so hopefully I wont be wacka-moled :slight_smile:
I've fiddled with optimization on/off and other values in vain attempts to get bulbs to always go on/off when commanded. Yes, it behooves me to troubleshoot my problems individually - but that's not my point here.
As I follow threads and see others experimenting with 'millisecodes of delay' in metering for a group it seems this implementation has a weakness - it can't be globally applied. And that global application also applies to optimization and even logging and other specific values.
Hubitat needs IMHO, to continue to use some dev resources not just to implement new individual features but also to make sure they change and improve the overall interface. I feel, a global settings page is overdue to allow Review, global change and selective setting. EDIT: 1 click changes to be applied.

Have you tried the built-in app " Preference Manager"? Admittedly I haven't tried optimization setting via preference manager, so I am not sure it is in there, it does have global settings for most everything else.

Alas, Preference Manager only works on devices (not apps), and the metering option for groups is inside the child app rather than the group device, so you won't see it in there.

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Well crap. That is what I get when I type while distracted.

Strike two!

uh.. that was horrid!
Just to toggle debug logs (and I don't see how to see WHAT is enabled disabled) I had three debug log choices with no idea what was what. multiple description text choices as well and I didn't look further.

The concept of pref manager is starting point but ... this wasn't very useful to me as a simplification - rather the opposite just occurred!
Please keep in mind - this was Feedback, and not truly a problem... just offering thoughts to whomever sees about places within the product that could potentially be improved!

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Yeah, Preference Manager is relatively new, and perhaps it will evolve over time. What you see as a user doesn't always appear to make sense, but as long as you're mostly dealing with the same types of devices, the same preferences will likely appear all as one. It depends on what name the developer used for this setting behind the scenes, so in your "debug logging" example above, there are apparently three different choices made by different developers, or perhaps the same developer in different drivers (it doesn't depend on the display text). In any case, it serves a very specific purpose right now, and app preferences--what you'd need for Groups (they do create a device; the preference just isn't in the group but rather in the app)--aren't one of those, nor do we know if they ever will be.

But it should still save time compared to going into every single device if changing the same settings in multiple devices was your goal. :slight_smile: That's about all it can do at the moment, and again, tends to display things best when dealing with devices that use the same or similar drivers given that it depends on internal details regarding how it displays the preferences.


Thanks for this suggestion. I saw your comment specifically about the parent app also. Perhaps something can be done to create an interactive table like you suggest.