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I am new to Hubitat, but already my apps page is getting busy and I am finding that to do one task, I have to have multiple apps involved. For instance, I have an HSM custom rule for alerting us when our basement freezer door is open for 5 minutes. Just for this one task, I have three different apps in play:

HSM custom rule
Notifications rule to repeat the alert until we disable it
The RM rule that resets everything when we do disable the alert

It would be nice if we could define groupings on this page and have the rules show up under those groupings. For instance, I would create a grouping called Freezer Door Alert and under it I would put those three bits and pieces. That way when I look at the apps page, I see things grouped the way that makes sense to me and how I have automated my house, rather than having the grouped by the different parts of the system that I had to use to achieve the outcome.

I could see having each system app listed under my group if that was what was necessary on your end. For instance:

  • Freezer Door Alert
    • Hubitat Safety Monitor
      • Freezer Door Open Armed
    • NOtifications
      • Freezer Door Notification
    • Rule Machine
      • Clear Freezer Alert

Thanks for listening.

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Yep I was thinking the same the other night,......

You might want to see this post by Lewis Heidrick (@lewis.heidrick) that shows one way to do what you want (organize Rules, automations, and devices) into groups:

Best Practice: One rule, or two?

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