User App or Platform Bug?

I'm using hubitat-contactgroups and after modifying a group (removing devices and renaming the device group) Hubitat Dashboards, Rule Machine, etc. are still seeing the old device group name:


Hubitat still using old device group name:

Appears to be a User App bug. Updating the device group name changes the Device Label but not the Device Name.

I thought the label was meant to be used if it was populated.... So still seems odd to me that dashboards and RM haven't adjusted...

I may have mispoke. It's possible changing the group device name via the user app only changed the Device Name but left the Device Label.

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Might be one to mention to @FriedCheese2006

Not my app, but looking at the code the "device name" is the only thing updated by the app. The 'device label' is not changed. I don't think there should even be a value for 'device label' unless the user sets one manually.

The device's display name will be the 'device label' unless it's blank and then it falls back to the 'device name' field.

BTW, Dom isn't on Hubitat anymore. I intended to take over that contacts group app but ended up just creating my own. I did re-use some of his code, but there's a bit more functionality in my app.

I do have the names of the app and child devices disconnected. The device name will match the app when created, but changing the app name afterwards will not change the device name.

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Ah, happy accident, at least gave you a chance to plug your own creation :slightly_smiling_face:

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I'll have to install your App and test but my expectation would be that changing the device group name (what you call the app name?) would indeed change the Device Name. Maybe this is a feature you could add? Here are my device group/app names (from Dom's app):


Right. These are all child apps, that each have a child device tied to them. That's true for both apps discussed here.

I actually purposefully removed the tether to give people freedom. I suppose adding it back wouldn't hurt anything. The devices don't log anything so, not like there's really a need to have different names to be able to differentiate the two.

The other piece is that I would expect that most folks set the name once and call it a day.

A preference to tether/not would be ideal (but overkill?) since it would offer the most flexibility.

I've got the code worked out and tested. I just need to make the update to all 11 of the child app options and then I'll push an update via HPM. Be sure to update my app thread to 'tracking' as I post in there every time I push out a change.


Alright, I've implemented Sensor Groups+ and removed Dom's app.

Thanks for the plug. I wasn't previously aware of Sensor Groups+.


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