Useful info on Rules/simple rules

While upgrading my rules - often I have 2 rules of the same name temporarily.

Update: Rules pre -5.1 don't show the rule version but 5.1 does. If pre-5.1 rules could also show the version this would be useful and help me not inadvertently delete the wrong one as I copy them.

What part of the UI are you referring to? The Apps list always shows the app name (which includes the "version" for all versions of Rule except the original-to-Hubitat Rule 2.0, but I assume you haven't been here long enough to have those :grinning:), so I'm guessing that's not it...

In the MAC.

Note it says 5.1.1 at bottom - but other versions don't reflect this afaik. I'm upgrading all my 4.1 and 5.0 rules to 5.1 today and got lost. a small tweak but a useful one I think!

The apps page, shows RM version next to name

Thank you Starcom. I recognize that.

there are two problems here - one. on a 1024x768 screen the apps screen is clipped - simply badly designed. Second - my comment is internal to the rule - in the Moves Adds Changes (as we call it) or the editor screen for the rule. In that screen it is not possible to know which one you have opened up - however you can tell that the 5.1 is open because it's displayed.
Having said '5.1 shows but others dont' implies that I KNOW it's not a 5.1 but I'm trying to feedback to HE for other users to have an improved experience. Like all the other gui weakness - i'm just hoping some of the things I bring up get considered as improvements and implemented someday.
I realize also it is a nearly useless battle, but the QA person in me can't help but point out places improvements can be made that will help others.

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I get your point. However IMO, statf won't update legacy TMs to show RM version in a rule; but I'd expect moving all futer RMs, would carry fwd..

Your point is valid of course - their choice. But as your screen shot shows - they are pulling forward legacy code which befalls on them to support it. but as I said (and you seem to agree) their choice.
updated: Additionally - it would sure be nice to have a migration tool so every I could stay current, which is their goto reason when a rule is failing due to changes... just sayin.

That horse has been beaten to death already...
Eventdly, the RM cores have changed significantly so that it's not "practicle to move rules forward.