Use Triggers in Actions

Is it possible to use rule Triggers in Actions? For example,

Trigger; button 4 pressed or button 2 pressed

Action, If button 4 pressed, do X, else do Y.

Yes. I do it all the time. Does it not work for you?

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yes, you just have to list each in the rule and have multiple if conditions in the one rule. you could also create a separate rule for each button press so it makes it easier to edit

Is there a reason you don't want to use Button Controller for this? It's not impossible to do in Rule Machine, but it is awkward (I'd probably recommend just making separate rules--why not if if you want different actions for each, anyways?). Button Controller has a very similar interface.


I'm using a local variable which the Button Controller doesn't appear to support. Maybe I could switch to a hub variable.

They are currently implemented as separate rules. Wanting to consolidate.

How? i.e. which "capability for Action Condition" do I select?

I didn't see the fact you were using buttons. My comment apparently didn't help.