Use S2 of Fibaro FGS-213 Single Switch 2


I got some Fibaro Single Switches with me and connected the first one to the HE using the built-in driver. The button connected to S1 works just fine, but I can't use S2 for any routines as implied by the manual. It says it's a "Scene Switch" if I remember correctly. Has anyone used the second button of the FGS-213 already?

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On the dimmer 2, I do. So I'm assuming it's basically the same, but it's not officially supported yet in their drivers which is a shame.:slightly_frowning_face:

It's been approx. 2 months now and I just wanted to let possible other interested people know, that I've been using the custom driver for the FGS-213 Single Switch 2 by erocm123. It can be found on his GitHub here:

Driver supports BOTH switches as an input, so you can save some bucks if you only need one (or no) output.
The driver also supports different button press styles (or how do you call that?). It supports single, double, triple press and hold and release for both buttons.
I'm using the switches in all my rooms as normal light switches and did not have any issues with them (despite misconfigurations in my rules :D)

Edit: Changed months from 3 to 2

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