Use Locative for Presence

I haven't compiled the app yet cause I have to convert my debian 32bit to a 64bit multiarch. Not a easy task.

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@anon61068208 - do I take it from that that you're tinkering with the Android version, rather than the IOS one?

-- Jules

yeah he is doing the android version. I pulled down the iOS version and realized it is a version 3.x. the 4.x version isnt on the site.

have not looked to see if i could find the 4.x code yet

Yes the Android version 3.01 but the name and version number will be changed once I finish converting my 32bit to 64bit.

@gavincampbell what are you using for network presence. I'm looking for a solution for this and I haven't found anything that I like so far.

Take a look at the below threads. It works pretty well.

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Along with this: [RELEASE] Combined Presence

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@gavincampbell @jwetzel1492 Thank you both I have it up and running now and like the way, this will work. I'm also looking forward to the android app by @anon61068208 This should have a comprehensive presence sensor that just works.

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Any updates on this?

Unfortunately no. I attempted to compile and run it twice and both times it has failed and I haven't had the time to investigate it more.

do you guys have issues with android app not triggering. I tried to put it on the wife's phone but it will only trigger if the phone is actively being used during that time. if it is sleeping it will not trigger.

Make sure that the phone is not putting the app in sleep mode. Make sure its not on battery saving also.

It looks like Locative has a new developer for iOS, the app was updated just yesterday.


@jwetzel1492 love this app thanks, just got it working with Maker API cloud endpoints (easy setup) for virtual devices, and in combination with Combined Presence and iPhone WiFi Presence it seems to be finally working 100% time. I'm using the standard combiner with both Locative and Hubitat's native presence from their app, plus the WiFi device. I found that just relying on Hubitat's presence app alone for geofence was not reliable - it sometimes works, sometimes not bother reporting. My iPhone settings are correct re privacy, battery, IP etc. Thank you!

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@jwetzel1492 If anyone is interested to try this, I’ve also successfully used your Beacon functionality in the app. I just bought a cheap USB iBeacon which works mostly around the house and set it up as endpoint virtual device an added under the WiFi section of combined presence. Even better!

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Hey guys, is it just me or have they taken down Locative again??

It is still available in the US Apple App Store for me.

Darn, I just checked and it sure looks like it’s no longer available from our Apple App Store so I dropped Bearologics and email inquiry.
I’ll post back here when I get a reply from them.

There's alway OwnTracks. It's similar in privacy aims. Seems a bit more full featured too.

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Hey @chillibenny, I got a reply from Bearologics and they’re not going anywhere and said it should be working.
They provided this direct link which seems to work: