Use IFTTT to have ring doorbell motion turn on a smart switch between certain hours with a timer


That night IFTTT/Hubitat was bugging out for me too.

Yes just create a trigger with a delay to turn it off. You can also go into the virtual device and set it to auto turn off on its own. That's what I do.

Here is the current rule I"m using that will turn the switch on only at night and isn't already already on. It also will keep the light on if there is new motion. The Virtual switch is set to auto turn off 500ms and the global variable is there to track that IFTTT turned it on. Because this is a rule it should be more reliable about turning off your device and virtual switch,


trying to set it up like you have and created a couple more virtual switches but cannot get the same stuff that you have. For example you have variable iftttfrontdooormotion(false) = false, I don't get an option for false only an on or off state. Do you have another rule setup from ifttt that runs and this communicates with it in order to use a true or false?

I am guessing that your front door switch is an actual switch that works in hubitat?

What kind of rule are you running for the global variable? I don't have an option to make any switch like that and the ones created in ifttt dont show up in hubitat