USB WiFi dongle

What is a use example for this?

WiFi instead of LAN connection would allow some the ability to centrally locate their hub where they couldn't easily get an RJ45 before?

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Oh right! This is a needed feature.

That sums it up. Wired connection should be used whenever possible, but WiFi gives options if it cannot be done for some reason.


$14 Amazon Prime for the mid-range. I've got a spare C-5 I was going to have to run a cable for. Now I can just drop it most anywhere that works best for the radios. I do have great Unifi wifi throughout the house. This has to be a winner for people with an outbuilding that they want to automate.

Just started using the wifi dongle. Problem is if my router reboots, the hub looses connection until its powered cycled. Anyway to fix this?