Upgrading from Rev C-5?

I have a Rev C-5 with 65 devices. Some virtual. Healthy mix of Lutron, Z-Wave and Zigbee. I have no complaints about my current setup.

Is there any compelling reason to upgrade the hub? How much work would it entail? I have no interest in rejoining dozens of devices. I see there's a migration option available, but it's unclear to me how turnkey or comprehensive it is.

Thank you.

The only thing radically different between the C5 and the C7 is the z-wave radio. (IMHO). C5 uses 500 series and C7 the 700 series radio.
So unless you see the need for an upgraded z-wave radio or another hub to split/load share devices/rules etc, personally I wouldn't bother.
Having said that I have a C3, C5 and a C7. :grinning: and share my rules and devices across them.

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Yup me too!

My C-4 is used for cloud stuff like Amazon Echo etc. My C-5 is for Zigbee since it is my understanding that the ZB radio is the same as what is in the C-7. The C-7 is for Z-Wave to take advantage of the new chipset. Use HubMesh to communicate between the hubs when needed.

I also agree that it is not necessary to upgrade either, C-5 should be fine. If you ever do decide to upgrade though the migration service should make it very painless.

The C-5 actually has advantages:

  • for some reason, power metering devices don’t work on a C-7. :man_shrugging:

  • C-5 doesn’t have the struggle pairing Z-Wave that C-7 has

Advantages of C-7:

  • can do S2 security pairing (C-5 can only do S0), which uses 1/3 the packets as compared to S0;

  • supports the Device Firmware App for OTA Z-Wave firmware updates (C-5 has to use the no longer supported community driver);

  • C-7 can run Tony Fleisher’s (@tony.fleisher’s) excellent Z-Wave Mesh Details app, C-5 can’t.

I have one C-5 and two C-7 (one is a backup for my production C-7).


If you got Fibaro, then dont do it, It will pair using s0 but my network seems fine. 10 S0, 13 none. Slightly better debugging for z-wave. Running 2 hubs now zigbee & zwaves one.

Power metering works fine for me.

Unless you need a series 7 network, then no, it's not worth the hassle in my opinion.

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