Upgrade to C-7


I have been on a C-5 for over 3 years with no issue. Recently, my lights went into poltergeist mode (10-12 lights randomly going on and off). I manually rebooted the C-5 and made sure its up to date but still have very minor issues.

I will receive a C-7 tomorrow. I am excited about the new security features for Z-wave and longer reach. I have all my setting saved on my computer.

Can someone please provide instructions on how to over to the C-7 on my existing account and then mesh in the old c-5 for greater functionality.


Unless you have a Hub Protect subscription, there is no automatic migration path for Z-Wave. Further, if you want to use any of the new Z-Wave security features (e.g., S2), you might not want automatic migration anyway since devices will come over as-is -- e..g, if you want S2 on an S2-capable device, you'd need to exclude and re-include anyway. But if you do have Hub Protect, everything should come over if you choose the Z-Wave cloud restore option (and have such a backup to restore). Without this, there are ways to sort of do it manually with a regular hub backup; there's an old post with the "DNI editing trick," but I wouldn't really recommend that anymore; I'd just add the device like new, use the newer Settings > Swap Apps Device feature to swap the old and new, then remove the old device. Basically the same thing with the same limitations (e.g., child devices won't work) but easier to do.

There is also no automatic migration path for Zigbee regardless, though aside from having to re-pair every device, the "manual" process there is a bit easier since the hub will recognize the devices as the same (no need to swap as above), as long as you restore a hub database that had that Zigbee device in the Devices list.

The last part of your question sounds like you are talking about Hub Mesh. If you're not familiar, it should be noted that this is just a way to share devices among multiple hubs on your LAN. "Mesh" here is just the name of the feature and does not refer to any underlying Zigbee or Z-Wave mesh features. I'm not sure what "greater functionality" you're looking for. One possible use is to split devices in your home among multiple hubs and use Hub Mesh to link a device from one hub to another hub so you can use it in apps on that hub, even though the device itself is paired to a different hub. If you're moving devices from one hub to the other but don't do it all at once, you could also use Hub Mesh temporarily to share devices from one to the other that you haven't moved yet if you moved the app to the other hub already (or vice versa).

That's strange , just recently my dining light (zigbee) always seems to turn itself ON around midnight.
I have no rules to do this and there is no log entry.
Im assuming its the Lamp itself going wrong
So made a rule to turn it off either side of midnight. That worked.
Yesterday another Zigbee Smart Lamp was seen to come on around midnight, so I'm beginning to wonder if the HUB is doing updates saving stuff/backups and causing it?

Assuming you use Amazon Alexa... Please check to make sure Alexa "Hunches" is disabled, and that there are no Alexa Routines that were automagically created for you by Alexa.

Google Home is another possible culprit, as could be Apple HomeKit these days.


Oh my.... Thank you for this info!!!

There is no way I can re-add all my z-wave devices. Too many sensors, locks and a few lights.

Most of my Light are on the lutron Pro hub which is integrated with Hubitat. Hopefully that would move easy.

I thought the point of back I do from Hubitat is for this very reason, or to correct an error and roll back.

I am not sure I have the stomach to recreate everything.

Hunches was on! THANK YOU!!!!

Hopefully that makes a difference


It can take a while to do manually for larger networks (I seem to do mine every couple years :rofl:), but Hub Protect, as I mentioned, can help if you don't want to do that but do want to migrate.

Yeah, this should immediately work from the back up on any hub you restore it to (nothing on the Lutron side is configured to point to a specific hub) -- or even multiple hubs at the same time.

See: Care and Maintenance | Hubitat Documentation

As mentioned there, backups include your hub database, but there are a few things that live outside of that--including the contents of the Z-Wave radio. (But you'll still get the devices in your Devices list with a backup, just not the association with an actual device on the Z-Wave radio; this makes swapping them out in apps easier than doing everything completely over. Or again, this was added later with the optional Hub Protect service.)

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Leave security off for all but barrier devices (locks and garage door stuff) regardless of what model you have..

It’s not that.

@ogiewon’s suggestion turned out to be spot-on for OP. If you use Amazon Alexa, you should check for hunches as well.

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I am very nervous about the migration. Thank you for the advice.

Do I need the protection plan? or can i just use the backup I create manually every few weeks? I could do one just before i begin to migrate.

I am using a few user integrations and apps. I hope those make it over too!!!

The hub protect plan would make it easier to move your z-wave radio

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Regular backup will move everything else

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excellent!! I assume (based on what I read) I need to get the plan for BOTH the C-5 and the C-7 but a second subscription is at a discount.

Only if you want to keep the c5. Typically you just need to get it on the c5 and then move it to the c7

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The only reason I'd keep the C-5 active would be be for 2 older schlage locks. I think I read they are not compatible with the C-7's. Is that correct?

Thank you for all your help. Im not sure what Im up against until im in it :wink:

If they’re be469’s with a firmware of 7.10 or above there shouldn’t be an issue

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Thank you again! I believe they are BE468's. How do you do a firmware update to the locks? i looked everywhere for a answer!

Schlage, you don't. That is one thing that greatly annoys me about this company, they put out buggy firmware and basically say "too bad" when you want the latest firmware. The locks are built great, but I no longer recommend them due to the awful firmware and lack of support for updates.

What firmware is on them?

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Can you provide some instruction on how to see that info?