Upgrade from c-4 to c-7

Hi, I've had a Hubitat version c-4 for some time now and my son gave me a new hubitat hub version c-7. What is tge easist to migrate all of my devices and rules to the new hub? Would the cloud backup and restore subscription move everything including my zwave devices or do I need to rebuild everything. Rebuilding would not be all that bad because I don't have that many devices and rules. However, I do have one zwave device that gives me issues now and then by not turing on/off.


Cloud backup won't help much for Z-Wave with a C-4; it can only back up and restore the zwave.me stick, which you are probably not using (if you're in the US, yours probably came with a Nortek HUSBZB-1 branded with a Hubitat sticker, though nearly any Z-Wave stick would also work). Besides Z-Wave, everything else is something you can get from a local backup. So, in your case, there isn't likely to be much difference.

After a restore, you'd need to re-pair any Z-Wave devices, then swap them out in all apps (including rules). The Settings > Swapp Apps Device page may make this easier, assuming you aren't dealing with child devices or other special circumstances, but the old "manual" way always works, too.

You'll also need to re-pair any Zigbee devices. However, these will be recognized as the same devices so won't require any extra steps like Z-Wave (though if you have any groups with Zigbee group messaging enabled, I'd open the corresponding group app and hit "Done" to re-establish those). Some cloud integrations may also need reconfigured given that many rely on a hub's UID, and some LAN integrations may need reconfigured if they point to your hub by IP address and that changed.


This article provided by Hubitat will help with migration:

That is a very nice capability the folks at HE added. Saves having to do the whole DNI dance.

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Thanks for the info

When I migrated from a C4 to a C7 I followed bravenel's suggestions. However I found the wording not the best for my though process so I reworded the steps here.

While that should still work, nowadays I'd probably just use the "Swap Apps Device" feature I mentioned above. It's easier IMHO (no need to edit DNI of two devices), and the limitations seem more or less the same (e.g, child devices won't work). There are also additional advantages in that secure and non-secure pairings will work equally well to swap without additional concerns, which I'm not sure works the other way.


Thanks for the instructions. I'll give it a try later next week.

I'll again mention that nowadays, Swap Apps Device can do the same thing and more and is probably less work. :slight_smile: This feature is a recent addition that did not exist when the C-7 was released.


I'm about to migrate my C-4 to C-7 and was searching threads to find out if this was now a best practice for migrating those Z-Wave devices. What I plan to do is replace all the Z-Wave devices that I can while still on C-4 to Virtual devices so that Z-Wave becomes temporarily irrelevant. Do the backup from C-4 and restore to C-7. Reconnect Zigbee devices. Then exclude/include all my Z-Wave devices to the new hub. Then swap back. Sound about right?