Upgrade 2.2.7 to 2.2.9

I would like to upgrade my C-5 hub to the latest version, however I have seen many posts indicating that things break after the upgrade and I don't have time to troubleshoot errors. I currently have ver and it wants to upgrade to I have 9 Rule Machine 4.0 and 4 Simple Automation Rules all of which are fairly basic. What is the confidence level that if I upgrade things will continue to work? What effort should I expect to have to do if I do upgrade?

Rules and Automations should work without changeā€¦


The best advice for a smooth update process that I have is to perform the following steps:

  1. Read the Release notes for both 2.2.8 and 2.2.9 to see if there are any show-stoppers for your specific situation.
  2. Download a backup of your your hub from its Settings menu.
  3. Reboot the hub via the Settings menu.
  4. Update the Hub via its Settings menu.
  5. If all goes well, then enjoy the upgraded features when you have time to.
  6. If problems arise, revert back to the previous firmware version via the Hub's built-in Diagnostics Tool. Be sure to restore the hub backup you took in step 1.


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FWIW The 2.2.8->2.2.9 upgrade seems a lot smoother than the 2.2.7->2.2.8. Not sure if this is because of the nature of the upgrade itself, HE is maturing its development lifecycle processes, or I just got lucky, but seems pretty good!

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Both. These were both large releases, 2.2.8 especially.

Yeah, we are enjoying -- very few issues (still a couple being worked).


We are too :slight_smile:

Hey odd question for you. I am zealous about managing my ZWave ghosts and all of a sudden one appeared today that has not been there before. I can find no corresponding device with the same node ID and nothing shows up oy my device watchdog reports as having dropped offline so I am pretty sure it's not a "real" device gone bad. And it has a pretty old (low) node ID so I'm assuming it's been around for a while but somehow "invisible." I was able to remove it rather easily. What puzzles me is that it appeared today for the first time. I'm wondering if it was a "lurking invisible" ghost that fixes in 2.2.9 caused to become visible. I know there were some improvements to ZWave and a newer version of the SDK. Is it possible that one of these forced this hidden ghost to the surface? If so it's probably a good thing.

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That was probably the case.. This update included Z-Wave SDK updates that changed the underlying database architecture that could get easily corruptedā€¦

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