Updating C-7 to Applying update never finishes running

I applied the update about 15 minutes ago and the update is still running.
What next step should I try?

Does your Hubitat have a static IP address or a reserved address?

What is the color of the LED?

Can you reach your Hubitat at port 8081?

Can you reach your Hubitat via my.hubitat.com?

Hub is up and running (and responding to support tool requests). Most likely, it jumped to a different IP. It currently uses IP ending with .83.

Yeah, my,hubitat.com or find.hubitat.com should report current IP.

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The Hub did not have a static address. It was at .43 and is now .83 which I found using my.hubitat.com
Port 8081 didn't help when I tried as I was trying to access .43 at the time.

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Consider giving your Hubitat a reserved DHCP address in your router.

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Thanks, I will do that. Appreciate the help.

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