Updates are the same

I’ve had 3 updates in 7 days with each one having the exact same update “what’s new”. Is the update just being resent over and over or are there actual changes but the “what’s new” isn’t being updated?

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Check Release 2.2.0 Available

They release small hot fixes for bugs found in the new release.


I don't think they remove the previous update information in case someone skipped an update (or multiple updates).

I personally find it easier to read the release notes dman2306 linked. I read them after checking for updates, but before actually doing the update.

And don't forget to do a backup, and download the backup before you update. It will save you some grief at some point. It wasn't the actual update that caused the issue, but a general crash where I needed the backup, and didn't have anything recent.


Thanks for that link dman, makes more sense now so I’ll be checking that one from now on.



You can easily subscribe to that channel as well so you get an alert and/or email when a new hub release is out including hot fixes

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You don't know? All releases come with the obligatory 3 to 4 patches afterwards :smiley: it is expected now. I do not mind, Its quite funny how consistent it is. Maybe that's just because I like updating. Everything.

That's why I don't ever install update #1, as I know there will be a few more over the next week. New release + 1 week is my motto.

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One of the many things I like about hubitat over smartthings.

You can update the hub firmware on your schedule. Or not at all if the update doesn’t add or fix something you need.

If you subscribe to the following you will always know right away when there is an update and what's in it..