[UPDATED] Weewx Weather Driver With External Forecasting



The daily.json.tmpl in the image should be the same as the one posted (I think, as I haven’t loaded that image since I posted it)
But certainly the posted file should work ok.
I’m not near my pc at the moment so as soon as I am I’ll login to my Pi and copy the file.



I think I’ve spotted the issue.

In my code I am looking for ‘kph’ and I see from your output your server is sending ‘km/h’

As my server sends data in mph, mine would work but yours won’t
That’s why the logs didn’t show any conversion or confirmation for wind speed or gust speed.

I’ll get that corrected in the morning!



These stand out as odd, vs yours which shows the angle and degree of wind direction. Although I am getting all those readings in the driver.


The code &# 1 7 6 ; C is just converted to °C by the web browser
I strip this off before calculation etc then put it back on again if the units are enabled



It works. I did a find and replace, which worked everywhere expect two lines regarding conversion where the / wasn't valid. I'll of course use your modified code when it's ready, but you are correct. I can can see wind speed and gust now!


I thought that might be the problem :slight_smile:
I’ll get it sorted in the morning and release a revised version.



As this has never came up before, everyone else must be using mph! :slight_smile:


Must be. I set everything to MPH in the driver, but since my Weewx is configured for Metric, it still cause the issue.


New version 2.1.1 uploaded to GitHub with this fixed (hopefully!)



Wind issue is resolved. Thank you! However, I now have a new value named Weather Summary, but it shows false. What is it for?

This is what I see in my driver details

  • weatherSummary : summaryType == false


new feature coming soon... you shouldn’t see that yet : )

I've removed the data from the driver in GitHub :slight_smile:
Same version number though - just a slight 'tweak'



I'm working on a summary - similar to the one in the custom WU driver but using the data from weewx AND the external source.
It's a bit of a pain because the externals report differently
I'll get there (when I get a chance)



OK. I just commented out line 116 and 164

BTW, is a weather icon supposed to show in the driver details, like @bangali 's driver does, or is the URL there for use with dashboards?


It’s just there for dashboards


New Version - 2.2.0
I have added support for daily Min/Max temperatures (inside & outside)
NOTE: This requires additions to your daily.json.tmpl if you want to use these features

You need to add a couple of lines to your daily.json.tmpl under the "sinceMidnight" section.
So that it looks like this:

"sinceMidnight": {

(I have also uploaded a new version of daily.json.tmpl to my GitHub repository )

This will probably be one of the last additions to this driver as I'm struggling to find time to work on this along with all the other stuff I'm supporting.

When I get the chance, I'll add these attributes as triggers for Weather Switch



Moving the discusson over here so were're not taking over @bangali 's post with discussion about your driver.

I'm just really learning how these work in a dashboard for the first time, since I wasn't using HE Dashboard. I'm not sure what's correct. It was just an assumption on my part of how that switch worked with your driver, vs what I was seeing from @bangali 's driver. It is mostly cloudy right now and that's what his is showing. I guess I assumed that if I changed the switch from forecast to current, the Icon would follow.


I've recoded the switch to also control the 'forecastIcon' so you can have either a forecast or current icon in the SharpTools dashboard.

Version 2.8.0 uploading as we speak :slight_smile:
(Obviously this is the Custom WU driver not weewx)



There's a bit of an odd discrepancy with this driver I've been meaning to ask you about. I see this somewhat on the WU app as well, but not on the WU web page for my station. It shows "The Beaches" which is what it shows on the app, but then shows the custom name I added "The Beach" as well. On the web, it just says, "The Beach". But it's not just the name that is different. For instance, the WU site for my station show's 79% humidity, but the driver is pulling in 82%.

I've entered my exact GPS coordinates, and I also tried entering the coordinates as they appear on my stations WU page. No change. I also tried entering my station ID, but I don't know if that's supported.

Will grab the new code now to test the switch.

Yes, Understood! :grin:


to get WU to use your station data you just use:
pws:stationID in the zipcode box
(obviously changing 'stationID' for your wu station id)

As an example PWS:IDURHAM16 is what I put for my station IDURHAM16

This should force WU to use your data



But why does the WU driver show a sun and the Apixu driver shows a crescent moon (which is correct for right now)?