Updated MyQ Lite Application Official Thread

Thanks, yeah, I proposed that to my wife. She complained that Alexa has enough trouble understanding her, so adding to the command was less-than-desirable to her. :slight_smile:

I figured suggesting the extra feature wouldn't hurt, especially because even with the PIN, I wouldn't want the door to get opened when not in the correct mode -- I don't know how easy it would be to implement as I have yet to immerse myself in Groovy. :slight_smile:

Then do this:

Trigger your door using virtual switches that are exposed to Alexa. Setup rules that restrict virtual switch to function only in the Modes you want.

Edit: needless to add, don’t expose the door directly to Alexa.

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Sure, that could work.

Not as elegant, not as foolproof, but functional. Also doesn't address the fact that it would be a good feature to not be able to accidentally open the garage door (via dashboard, device page) or voice trigger) and trigger the alarm when it's armed.

Dashboard is easy to prevent. Create a VGD and only expose that to Dashboard. And create rules that prevent its use when you don't want it to be used.

I don't anticipate ever seeing modifications that impose mode-specific restrictions for any device from the device page. Because the device page is meant to expose device attributes and controls. And using the device page (or for that matter Dashboard) is a deliberate act.

In contrast to a voice command, which can emanate from a bad actor/outsider.

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Again, not as elegant, not as foolproof.

I'm all for workarounds when necessary. I honestly think this is functionality that should be built-in, not requiring a workaround / hack.

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To be clear, the solution to my request doesn't necessarily need to be that the modes (HSM or Location) are directly influencing the controls, but rather that the ability for the controls to function could be influenced by an outside factor.

For example, this could be as simple as adding an attribute called "enableActions" -- when it is true, everything works how it does currently. When it is set to false (perhaps by an RM action), then the status is still functional and accurate, but the open/close functionality is disabled.

How about the simplest fix of all. Put the garage door on a smart outlet. Turn the outlet off in certain modes. The door will not work at all if the outlet is off. Not a perfect solution, but quick and easy.

If your windows are closed, it would be nearly impossible to get Alexa to understand what is being said. If someone is shouting that loud around your house, wouldn't that draw unwanted attention?

The other simple solution is to call it something other than garage, so you would have to guess the magic word.


Then the light doesn't function and the device goes offline. Not sure it would tolerate this well indefinitely.

As for magic word... My wife has already complained about that concept when proposed as Alexa doesnt always understand her for some reason. Yet Alexa understands my toddler from a floor and three rooms away just fine. Shrug

That’s what I do :wink:

Alexa triggers my garage door controller RM

It also notifies me when the door is triggered, retries if the action is not completed, and gives feedback through Alexa of the final door status when completed or not - say if something is in front of the kid sensors. Wait, no, that never happens.

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Hey guys! First, thank you for creating the app/drivers to let the myQ stuff work on HE. I just dumped Wink because of how poorly managed it is and generally shady business practices and absolutely thrilled that I landed with Hubitat. It takes a little learning curve, but works so much better and has way more flexibility.

Anyways, I am successfully using the "no sensor" version for now until I get one, but when I was reading about the "lock" version an idea came about. My particular garage door opener is one of the jack shaft myQ types that has a separate light and also a deadbolt that automatically locks and unlocks when the door is open or closed. Is there any way to use that deadbolt as a "sensor" to kind of solve the reporting challenge of whether the door is open or closed? I don't think you could control the lock itself independently (don't know why you'd want to anyways), but could a program somehow be written so the door reports Open when the lock is unlocked and Closed when it's locked? I just thought that could be a cool way to have it all integrated into one system, I dunno.

I obviously know nothing about the outputs or programming of all this stuff, but curiosity got the best of me haha.

Dumb question, but with the "no sensor" version I'm having trouble making a dashboard button to open and close the door. Maybe that's not really possible without the sensor so you know whether it's open or not.

Sorry if this is a repeat question. Haven't gotten through my coffee yet this morning.

Hello folks. Quick question, does this integration require paying MyQ a monthly subscription fee in order to access the MyQ API? I'm assuming this bypasses IFTTT altogether?

No, it does not. Just make sure you have a Hubitat-paired sensor (contact, or tilt) to monitor door position.

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Great, just bought a tilt sensor on Amazon. How's stability of this app? Any issues? Where did you place the tilt sensor on the garage door?

If you have a multi-section garage door, you should place it on the upper panel.

I ended up switching my sensor from tilt to contact and now I have it mounted on the trolley rail and the magnet is mounted on the trolley. When it is in the closed position, they align to close the sensor.

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I set everything up and it's working very well. I noticed there is a light controller. How do I setup the light control? I did not see that part of the Garage app setup.

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Yeah I tried the light controller as well but couldn’t get it to work. I am not able to control my light via the MyQ app so I don’t expect it to work so I didn’t spend much time on it.

I think that is for an accessory (add-on) light that most people do not have. It isn't for the built in light.

Edit: I think it is this lamp module:


Hi, I am trying to install the app but it keeps telling me that my user login info or password is incorrect. I know that the info is correct but I can't get it to work. I have deleted and reinstalled both the app code and driver codes. Any help would be appreciated.

What kind of opener do you have? And which phone app do you use to control it?

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