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I’m working on a few bugs at the moment,
It may be that I’ve already found this one as my code is different from the github version

Try adding these two lines:

if(msgDelay == null){state.msgDelay = 0}
else{state.msgDelay =msgDelay}

If you paste them around line 160 (so the come just after line 159 but before line 163) in the code it might fix the issue.

Please let me know if this fixes the issue



I just added these two lines and still get the same error. will have to debug later when I get home.


The code I gave you should remove this error as the app is looking for a variable ‘msgDelay’ which is used for everything except time. (Hence setting it to 0 if not set elsewhere)

I only have an ipad in front of me at the moment so it’s difficult to debug.
I’ll try and have a look in the morning.



Oh ok,, I thought it was for the dog barking. the time to go to school seems to be working. I get the voice announcement but also this error.

Also, once you enable time/day restriction, even if you disable it, it still being enforce.


The error still relates to the same missing variable.
The code I gave you yesterday should have fixed this

The restrictions page is a little bit misleading and should really be something like
‘Show restrictions’ rather that turn them on/off
I’ll have to have a rethink on the wording.

So, the app looks for the settings, if they are filled in then the restriction will apply.
So if you remove the start and end times that you filled in the restriction will be removed.

I know that there is an issue with the playing of Mp3s and a few other bugs.
When I return from from my little vacation (I’m off diving in Malta tomorrow) I’ll finish the code and release a new version.
Please bear with me for a week or so.

Mark, did you try adding the code?
Did that work for you?

EDIT: BTW You need to save the app after making the code changes



No I haven't had a chance to try it.

Are you saying that it's not ok to resrict it by "day of week" without specifying the "start and end times" also?

In my case I want the "time for bus" announcement to occur at 8:20am on weekdays only.


I am not getting that error anymore. It was a user error.


Sorry Mark no that is not the case
What I'm saying is if you switch on the restriction it only exposes the settings.
If you just want particular days of the week then just select them

If you decide you don't want days of the week (after configuring them) then you can't just switch the restriction off. You need to deselect the days.

Hope I explained it better this time.



I can’t find anything in weather switch for severe weather alerts. Is this something that could be added?


Both Weather Switch and Message Central will be getting ‘alerts’ as soon as I can get to it.
I’m on holiday at the moment and will look at this in a week or so.



Thanks Andy!



Andy - does the delay between messages in seconds or minutes?


The delay between messages is in minutes
This is really only if you want to calm down a device that is constantly reporting.

Like my tumble dryer..
Even after it finishes it fires up every 2-3 minutes to stop the clothes creasing...
I set it to 30 so if I don't empty and turn off I only get reminded every 30 minutes.

If the device doesn't report again then you will not get repeat messages



Maybe consider adding the link to github when a new version is available in the app.


That's a great idea!

I'll look at doing this



Ashamed to say that I am not using Message Central, yet....:slight_smile: So, please forgive me if this idea is already built-into your App...

Since Message Central obviously can tell when a new version of software is available, maybe it could optionally send a Notification once a day/week/month to a device that supports Notification (like a Pushover device.) This way a user would not even have to open the App to know a new version exists. They would get a nice gentle reminder on their phone/tablet.

One of these days I need to install this App and try it out! It would help if I had some real TTS devices other than my Google Assistant Relay. :wink:


that's quite a good idea.
It should be easy enough to implement, I just need somewhere to put the inputs etc.
Two good suggestions.. I'll have a think about this



Get a M3. They are fairly affordable on eBay.


Testing the new update code and pushover for apps now..
Seems to work well except providing a 'clickable' link
Using the standard html link code only seems to refresh the page and not open a new link



I know of some people using MC with this - Just select the speechSynth option for output