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I use application power monitor with same issue. Hopefully @Cobra can shed some light


Is it possible to set the volume level when using Alexa?



got back from holiday late last night so still a bit groggy but...
New version (14.0.0) uploaded to GitHub

I have added an optional switch to NOT set the volume before speaking
Also, if the app is disabled by a restriction then it should not set the volume level (to remove 'ghost' volume changes)

Appliance Power Monitor should be set with quite a high start threshold - That way MC should speak only once (as it will only hit the threshold at the beginning and once it has spoken it needs to hit the threshold again before becoming 'active' again.)

I have added some more logging to see if there is a bug anywhere, please enable logging if you have issues and post a screenshot of the log

Not had much chance to test everything but in theory, this should all work ok.
Please let me know if you find it doesn't :slight_smile:



The ability to select a pushover notification for updates seems to be broken in this version, it clears the selection for the device everytime you leave the settings page.


I told you I was still a bit groggy :slight_smile:
I was previously working on moving the update notification to the Cobra Apps container, so may have left some code in there.

I’ll have a look.



Can you please tell me exactly what you did to get this?
I can’t reproduce this on the MC parent



Nothing fancy, selected the option, chose the pushover device, selected done. Revisiting the page the pushover device is no longer selected.


I havent’t changed the parent at all - I was only working on the child
Which parent version are you using?



Latest, maybe just a fluke, I'll mess with it again this evening or tomorrow


To even get MC to work, I have to comment out line 3128. IIRC



It seems the alexa app everyone stated using uses a non standard volume setting command.
I’ll have a look when I get the chance.



So I updated to 14.0 and GREAT STUFF!!!

Question to be sure: There is still no way to have the volume to revert to the prior level.

So, for example, if I have an automation play a message at volume 75 when the volume is currently 25; the volume will change to 75 and stay at 75?


Hey Andy, any progress on this yet?



Working on it :slight_smile: