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Yes it just sends the one.


Here's the log entry I get from the Generic Z-wave driver when a code is used


And this when done physically



Thanks for this Drew.
So obviously the driver knows which code unlocked the device bit I don’t see an attribute to subscribe to.

I’ll have a play


This is exactly the issue. I've just been super busy at work and with family. BigTalker 2.0.7+ works on HE. I had issues with Sonos users but that was mostly waiting on HE to implement certain functions in the Sonos driver.

Message Central seems to have taken off (and taken the place of BT) quiet nicely for many people. Good job.


This was never my intention, quite the opposite as I originally wanted something simpler for my needs.
Unfortunately, I can’t help but listen to feature requests. :slight_smile:
This thing has become way bigger than I originally wanted.

I definitely know that it has taken way too much of my time too!



Any suggestions on how to use this to announce when the washer and dryer has completed? I am using power to trigger when it drops below a certain level for 5 minutes but I find that it just continuously announces the dryer is done because the power level is almost always under that level.

Is there anyway to say only announce if it was previously above x but has been under y for z minutes?


I didn't write this, but I did "touch it recently"...


Yeah... I've looked at it. I was hoping to have all notifications organized under Massage central so it's easier to find when something doesn't work.


The trigger: ‘Appliance power monitor’ was designed for this
You can set a ‘threshold’ which the machine must go above before it will monitor for a ‘low’



I'm using your custom wu driver and when it tries to poll it from message central, i get the following:


It's because the wu driver does not have the required 'poll' command
(it's actually 'pollnow' in this driver)

As soon as I can get to it I will add the required command
For now you can just switch off the "Poll weather device before speaking" switch
This should remove the error until I can update the driver



I just looked..
The latest driver has the poll command

What version of the driver are you using?



Oh then i will update, i was using V2.8.0.
Now i'm getting the following error:


Please update to version 2.8.1 then check for errors again

Also, which version of Message Central are you using?



Updated the driver and got that error.
I also updated message central to be sure but still got the same error.


Are you using the %time% variable in your message?


Can you please confirm the version number of the Message Central child app?


Yes i'm using the %time% variable and the version is V12.7.1


This variable gets the time from the hub itself
Are you sure that this is set correctly?

I have just heard one of my 'time' messages without problems.
However, I have been working on MC quite a bit and am using version 13.2.0 which I haven't released yet.

I have not had a single problem with any of the versions for my 'time' messages


Well i'm just using %time%, not sure what i should set?