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I truly appreciate what you have done and the amazing agility in your coding additions.


You need to get your weather device ready for this afternoon :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Sweet! Which DH are you supporting?


Anything that has the attribute 'alert'

Obviously both of my drivers will work (WU and Weewx)
@Matthew's excellent ' Weather-Display Driver' should also work as I know that his driver reports the correct attribute.

Hit your child app 'Check For Update' button :slight_smile:



If you are using a different driver then, unfortunately, if it doesn't send the attribute 'alert' this won't work.
You would need to ask the driver's author to add the attribute



@Royski @DeveloperDavidB
This version also includes a switch to enable/disable the 'poll' of the weather device for weather attributes other than 'Alert'
This should remove the error you were getting as your weather device does not respond to the poll command (if you switch it off! :slight_smile:)



Got the push regarding an update, very nice :smiley:


I've been working on something I would like your opinion on..

As I have quite a few app 'on the go' now, I though it might be quite useful to include them all in one container called 'Cobra Apps' (or whatever you want to rename it to :slight_smile:)

So instead of looking something like this in your apps list:

It could look something like this:

You wouldn't see the child apps at the top level
So you would need to click on 'Message Central' under 'Cobra Apps' before you see the individual Message Central child apps that you have created.

I just though it might help organise and clean up the apps list a bit.

So... time for another poll/survey..

  • Good Idea - It would be useful
  • Bad Idea - I like it they way it is!

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Please vote and let me know your thoughts on this


[Release] Virtual Container Driver

Great idea! I like a de-cluttered look :+1:


#meToo :slight_smile:


Now the bad news...

You will probably have to recreate all the child apps ! :slight_smile:


Why is there no "dislike" button on these comments :joy:


Thank you Andy!! Wow this is great! Won't be able to provide feedback until we get some severe weather but I appreciate that you did this so fast. Is there a way for me to financially contribute/donate?


A donation is not required but always welcome! :slight_smile:
Have a look at the top of my code



Awesome! Thanks!!

Also, is there a way to test the alerting within MC?


Just sent you a gift! Thanks again for everything you do!


Thank you very much for your donation :heart_eyes:


What do you want to test?



Just that the severe weather alert works. :slight_smile:


When testing my Weather Switch setup, I went to the NWS site, found a location with active alerts, and then changed the location in my weather device to match it. As soon as I hit save, the first poll activated everything. Just make sure you pause any rules that are already tied into that weather device.