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Before getting the data the app executes a ‘poll’ (which the weewx driver I was using to test can do)
This ensures that the data is updated just before adding it to the message.
I’ll have a look at making the poll switchable so if the weather driver doesn’t have it, then the poll can be disabled.
I noticed that you are using my current wu driver which does have the poll command so I’m not sure what is happening until I investigate.
What version of MC are you using?



Thanks Andy! Maybe I should look into switching to weewx instead since Weather Underground is going to start charging. I don't have my own weather station at this time.



If you want to edit the code you can do a search (ctrl +f) in the code for:


And just comment it out by putting // in front of it

// weather1.poll

It should be around line 3077 according to the error log you posted.
If you do this then save the app again it should work and get rid of the error
(I just can’t guarantee you will have the latest weather data)

Unfortunately, I cannot release an updated version yet as my code is very much different from yours as I’m working on MC at the moment

If you do the mod please let me know how you get on.



Thanks, I will try it now!


Most of this is far from being a small request.

MC can currently tell you about open or closed contacts
To add Lights, Locks or anything else would mean the app would have to subscribe to EVERY device and keep a note of each device’s status.
This would also involve a significant amount of code and time to achieve.

I would need to know that a lot of people would want and use this ‘feature’ before even considering commiting the time to do this.



It worked! Successfully spoke temp. Thanks for your quick help on this. Now that you mentioned your code much different than the released version, I am looking forward to seeing what changes you make! Have a great weekend.



It’s nothing too exciting.. mostly serious bug fixes
Playing Mp3’s from a trigger now works correctly and so does triggering on a lock.
But the new feature is being able to pause any child app with an inbuilt switch.
This doesn’t sound a lot, but getting this right has been a pain.
If HE released their app code I could just copy that.. unfortunately they don’t

This is what it might look like (on a different test app)



Cheers Andy, I was having the same issue today. This is great!



@DeveloperDavidB @Royski
I will probably remove this action, rather than making it switchable
This only polls the driver just before getting the weather data .
If this does not happen, then it will just rely on the data last received (which was probably only 5 minutes ago anyway)

I’ll think about this one for a while and decide what to do before the next release.



Yeah mines set to 5 mins anyway. Not sure why as the weather station closest isn’t all that reliable.

Cheers Andy!



I think I’ve worked out a way for me to fulfill @cuboy29’s request of having a ‘status report’ by using variables like %openlocks%, %lightson% and using the existing %opencontacts%

How about a quick poll?

  • I would use this feature
  • I don’t think I would have a use for it

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If you vote FOR the feature, perhaps you can suggest any other devices that you would like in the report?



I would think this would probably work the same way as opencontacts does now
You would build up the message using the required variables.
With an input for each device type

Still a significant body of work for me but doable (hopefully)



:wink: I do like the thought. I have created a lazy family. When they leave the house, I find hours later, the little one left all his lights on. I’ve combated this in many of the areas, but it would be nice to include in their leaving in case I missed something. Not much of a control freak then hey :joy:

Contacts would also be quite useful.
Although I think you have that covered with Open Contacts?



Open contact you have already :wink:

I have a button near the front door that I click before leaving to get a list of open windows/doors
(Including the shed, which I keep forgetting)


Ok. So it’s not only my family I’m making lazy :joy: it can be done via RM anyway, but it is nice to have things organised and in the same place. Don’t shoot me :+1:


I’ll be interested to see how many people vote for this :slight_smile:



Hoping the weather alert trigger can happen. I will happily install any weather WU or other online device. This is a request from the wifey btw. Which I did love in Bigtalker2 but doesn’t seem to be porting over anymore.


The ‘Alerts’ trigger is almost complete and will be released soon.
I’ve had to complete quite a bit of coding to get this to work as a new ‘trigger’ without it announcing everytime the weather device reports.
It's difficult to test the code when you live in the UK!
We get lots of ‘weather’ (i.e. RAIN) but our weather is generally just that, nothing too severe.
I had to create a ‘fake’ weather device for testing :slight_smile:
The alert should now only trigger when the weather device sends a change to the previous report.
This will mean that you will get a report like ‘there are no alerts’ for the first time it is installed.
After that it should only report if the weather device reports a change.

I’m not sure why @rayzurbock seems to have stopped developing BT2, maybe he just doesn’t have the time (I know real life get in the way sometimes)
I believe the issue for weather reporting in BT2 is that it used to use the getWeather() method in ST and that doesn’t exist in HE.

It’s funny, Message Central was created because I didn’t use half of the features of BT2 so decided to create something simpler, more tailored to my own needs.
Now it seems MC is as big as BT2 and has a similar range of features :slight_smile:

Well, back to coding...



That figures. One day after I get weather switch set up with all of the virtual switches and triggered rules necessary to announce weather alerts, you go and do this. :smiley:
Andy, you rock!


Lol @bjcowles
I try to... :slight_smile:
I never realised that people would want this before now.
Now it seems a few people want it..