[UPDATED] iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor

That's what I have done.
Doesn't matter if I put in mine or my wife's Samsung ip address they both stay not present.

I am not sure then. I like @jwetzel1492 do not own a Droid. Did you try the other Wifi Presence Sensor he posted? I believe it is slightly different.

@jwetzel1492 Is the biggest difference between the two versions what you are looking for in a response? If so maybe combining the two and then allowing the device driver to have an option for iOS or Android. Thoughts?

Unfortunately, if I put an Android toggle in, then Android is "supported", and there's no way that's going to practically work out well. I don't have an Android, and apparently some of them behave differently than others. (So it wouldn't help even if I had just one.) So I've put a compatibility list at the top of this post to list devices that others have said it worked on, but I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking it can do something that I can't verify.

To be honest guys,
I have been thinking of making ‘lite’ versions of some of my apps for a while.

As @aaron stated, I originally created my apps to serve a need I had.
With multiple feature requests for every app, they have all ‘grown’ beyond what I envisaged.

Presence Central talks etc.. I never use that as I just use it for reliable presence.
Message Central has so many trigger now it’s HUGE (5000 lines) and I (and probably a lot of other people) don’t use many of the features.
A single switch trigger version would cover most of my uses.

I may well look stripping these two apps down when I get the chance.



So no port is needed.

Ok instead of a device branding maybe a HTTP request selection. So if lets say iPhone WiFi presence is looking for XYZ response but the other looks for ABC response the end user could try option 1 or option 2 to get the majority of the devices to work with a single device driver. Just thinking future as you will find this solution to grow rapidly once people realize the power of LAN based presence awareness without having to modify devices for presence that a mobile app related.

Has anybody tried this with an Apple Watch, yet? I'll probably give that a whirl later today, since it's a better indicator of when I'm at home.

Edit: I'm testing it with the HE at our office. I'll post the results.

Edit 2 (Results): I've gotten it to respond as present. I'll keep an eye out for how consistently it reports my presence.

Edit 3: Further testing indicates that the watch will go offline to save power---at least when connected to my phone via Bluetooth. I'm disabling BT and seeing what happens.

Edit 4: Even with BT off, the watch still disables WiFi (or puts it into some power-saving mode) until necessary. Looks like the Apple Watch isn't going to be a viable option, even though it will occasionally respond.

Conclusion: Apple Watch (Series 4) tested. Does not respond with enough consistency to use, but it does occasionally respond.


That would be awesome. This is the main reason I haven't tried quite a few apps out there yet (including yours). I don't mind a few extra features, but I like my apps to be as streamlined as possible so I end up just writing my own.

This was the primary reason I stopped using Rooms Manager. A FANTASTIC app that just got too big for me over time. I ended up writing my own simplified Occupancy app instead.

I look forward to Cobra "Lite".

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Small update to the driver:

  • Preference to change the timeout (approximate time without a response before deciding the phone is away)
  • Preference to turn logging off

Get it here:



Thanks for the updated code, definitely a great option for improved presence detection. I'd like to report it works great on Pixel 3XL models also.

Since it's confirmed working on both Android and iPhone perhaps the name of the driver should be changed to just "WiFi Presence Sensor" so that anti-apple users like myself don't feel so "dirty" using it? LOL

Edit: I may or may not have already taken the liberty of modifying the code myself with these name changes already :wink:

Yes I would encourage everyone to do a find-and-replace in the code of "iPhone" with "Your phone model here" when pasting it in. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the app name “I know Where You Are” is nice.

IMHO, I would want all the Android extras not in the iPhone version, only God knows what could happen. :joy:

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I would rename the app to LAN Presence. I plan on getting rid of the ST presence sensors from the car and putting in WeMo D1's that connect via WiFi. So not really Phone related anymore. :slight_smile:

To test this functionally I created a simple trigger in RM that sent out a Pushover notification when presence was true. I went to bed and when I woke up I had gotten a message every 10-12 minutes.

I have an iPhone 6s so I’m guessing this is the sleep / wake issue you were talking about.

Yup! Definitely don't want to use this as a single point of data. I use it to augment other geofencing-based presence. The geofencing seems to work "fast" about 90% of the time, but what I'm going for is to have my iPhone connecting to the wifi fill in that last 10%.

Should be no surprise - works with a pixel 3! I've always thought that if deployed the right way, this would be my preferred method of presence detection. I'm sure I'm not the only one here with higher end/commercial network equipment at home. This is probably the most reliable method available.

I'll mull over this and will probably implement it this weekend :slight_smile: At the very least, to determine when someone comes home during the week.


Set this up yesterday with a 5 minute delay and also a couple of RM triggers to let me know it it goes not present/present.
From midnight to 6am it reported not present every hour and then present 6 minutes later.
Must be a settling on my phone somewhere for a quiet period or something. Need to do some searching.
I have Huawei Nova 2 plus.
Going to try my wife's S7 as well.

I set this up yesterday and I was getting notifications of present and then not present about every 8 minutes. Can someone tell me how you use this in conjunction with another presence sensor? Because when I incorporated it as a presence sensor along with my other one using Locative in my RM rules of being present or not it was telling me that I wasn't home and then home constantly even though I was home.

Depends on your rules.

If ensuring you are close to home you would want to use an AND...

If Locative AND WiFi Presence then ...

If at home and looking for general presence you want to use an OR...

If Locative OR WiFi Presence then ...

That is how I am using this currently. I have not converted my "guest" rules as of yet and will probably use a delayed/cancel pending rule to toggle a guest mode switch based on what I am seeing for timeouts here. Probably 10-15 minute cancel pending in a rule.

@pcgirl, please try this: https://community.hubitat.com/t/release-combined-presence/9186?u=jwetzel1492

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