Anyone know when/if the Hub will be updated to work with the new z-wave 700 chip?

The hub will already work with Z-Wave 700-series devices. All generations of Z-Wave are backwards and forwards compatible. Is there something in particular you are looking for?

The theoretical improvements (e.g., range, lower power) are cool but sound much more interesting for regular nodes than the hub at this time. I'm sure that in a future hardware revision they'll eventually switch to that chip (and external radios like a new Z-Stick if Aeon makes one are likely to also work)--it will likely be all that is easily available at some point--but the only concerns I have for my network for the foreseeable future are making sure all my repeaters are Plus (similar improvements compared to "Classic") and support beaming (and instant status reports, which tends to line up with non-Plus devices that I already eliminated).

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@amrogers3 - as already indicated by @bertabcd1234, the hub should work with Z-Wave 700-series devices.

This statement was confirmed less than 10 minutes after your post, when Hubitat Platform 2.1.7 was released.

The release notes indicate:

  • Aeotec Range Extender 7 using Generic Z-Wave Repeater

The Range Extender 7 is a certified 700-series device.