Update tool stuck at 51%

Just logged on for the first time. I'm stuck at this:

Hubitat Elevation Update Tool

Download of update in progress: 51%

Congratulations on your choice of the Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Platform! Finally, a better solution. Elevate Your Environment™.

We are updating to the latest version and will be running in just a moment.

It went to 100 or still there in 51%?

Support told me to restart your browser (may or may not help)

I would suggest powering off then on again as this has helped me in the past. My hub was already in service and working though so I'm not sure if this is a good idea in your case.

I'm not saying do it, but I would probably go for it because that's me. :wink:

I would try this first though. Do a hard refresh of your browser.

Thanks, Restarting the hub worked.

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