Update to on my C-7 Hub hung at reboot stage * Need ZWave advice*

Device: C-7

Problem: Update from to

The update seem to process just fine until the reboot. Here is where it got hung up. After waiting 25 minutes. I decided to power down the device.

  • Powered down the hub and waited 10 minutes before powering up.
  • I’m now seeing in ZWave details devices with Ok, Refresh, Repair ( See below a few of them)
  • So I did do a restore from the saved before update file .132 version backup. Same issue.
  • Do I need to just wait or do need to visit all devices with Ok, Refresh, Repair?

Example of a few:

Devices are performing as expected

OK - Device is responding as expected
Repair - Zwave Repair if desired
Refresh - Repoll device

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Sounds good. The reason I asked is other devices in the list just say "Ok"

Those are probably battery/sleepy devices if I had to guess.

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Just a note - unless you restore from a cloud backup and specifically indicate to restore the Z-Wave database, it will not be touched by a backup restore.

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