Update to 2.2.8 fails

Update 2.2.8 attempts to download, but eventually times out (at about 30%) and then just refreshes the page with no update being performed?

Is this just a case of too many trying to update at the same time me being booted off for being too slow :laughing:

After several goes, I decided to reboot the hub. That fixed/corrected whatever was keeping it from being happy about the update. All is well.


"Reboot" has been the answer to so many thing in the computer industry...

My iPhone has been using a wireless charger for over a year. Yesterday it stopped working. Figured out it was my phone not the charger and guess what the fix is??

Yup.. reboot the phone.


I have VoIP phones at work that I have to reboot on occasion otherwise they will do random crap like drop calls or give no audio.



This is why my sons Tesla scares me !!!

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At risk of triggering the Tesla fanbois...

My neighbors rear bumper fell 3/4 the way off his 6 mo old Tesla when he went over a speed bump (5th time it has been in the shop now).

They are real quality cars. :roll_eyes: