Update from C3 to C7 - help!

Hi All,

I have a C3 (UK model, with both an external zigbee and Zwave stick).

What I'd like to do is move all of my zigbee devices and automations over to my new C7 and then tackle ZWave at a later date and keep these running on the C3 for now.

Can I use the hub mesh to achieve this? What's the best way to go about moving everything but the ZWave devices to the C7 (including my automations).

Do I just do a backup and restore and then disabled automations and zigbee devices on the C3 and enable hub mesh for the ZWave devices? Will the Zigbee devices just 'work'? Or will I need to do anything with those?


How many Zigbee/Z-Wave devices?

You can backup the C3 to an external file, restore the file on the C-7, put the HE in Zigbee pairing mode and go around to each device and put it into pairing mode. The devices should then reconnect to their proper places. The issue is all your rules for the Z-Wave devices will fail and have to be edited. Use HubMesh to share those devices.

I've actually done the opposite - I have all my Zigbee devices on my C-5 and moved over all my Z-Wave to the C-7. I did this because I wanted to take advantage of the upgraded Z-Wave radio. Not sure the Zigbee radio has changed all that much since the C-5 (this might only be true for the US though).

Note: I originally migrated from 2 C-4's - did the backup thing moving Zigbee to the C-5 and manually moved all the ZW devices to the C-7.

Thanks for this, I do intend to move the ZWave devices, I just have some Fibaro in wall switches that can be a pain to repair and the majority of my devices are zigbee and easier to deal with first.

Is there an easy way to disable all automations on the C3 in one go?

You can disable each app by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner of the apps list page and checking all the apps.

One last point, both hubs must be on the same release to use Hubmesh


Got most of my zigbee devices and automations up and running... now on to the wave devices via hub mesh.

Given I now have the zwave devices shown on both the C7 and C3, do I need to delete the C7 zwave devices before linking the two hubs?

Be careful you might mess up your rules if you do. Maybe disabling them first then hub mesh then remove.

Not sure if you have seen this or not, but I followed this to migrate my z-wave devices from my C3 to my C7.

Take your time with each device though as it is easy to get in a muddle.


The only issue with mucking about with the DNIs is how does that work with HubMesh devices?

I did this pre hub mesh so I didn't have to worry about it. I suppose the only answer is to try a device and see what happens. (While keeping everything crossed of course)!!!!!

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These steps are intended for a transition done at a point in time, not for ongoing production use. If you're migrating a bunch of devices, Hub Mesh really shouldn't even come into it.


Okay cool - that's what I figured. In this case it was for the partial migration - my understanding was @daniel.john.edge was leaving the ZW devices on the C-5 for the time being and just did the Zigbee backup restore thing to bring his ZB devices over. My concern was that following the migration path @bobbles linked to might be an issue if you attempted DNI trickery with HubMesh devices instead of the restored Z-Wave entries.

My plan is to migrate zigbee devices which I’ve now done and then tackle Zwave when I have a bit more time - the fibaro in wall switches are a nightmare to re-pair and more often than not I need to gain access to the device itself.

So for now, thinking to just use hub mesh to share the zwave devices with my C7 hub. Can I do that? Do I delete the Zwave devices that came across with the backup/restore?

Have a read of the post I linked to above. It tells you what to do with the z-wave devices so that the existing z-wave devices actually remain and will work in any existing rules you have defined.