Update device status based on power meter

Trying to replicate functionality that I was using in ST but could not find here. I was able to link a device on/off status to a outlet with power meter so if there was power consumption it would detect that the device is on. Could not find similar topic in the forum.

My use case is that I want build a dashboard that will be like a remote for my TV that is controller via Logitech Harmony and want to see if it is on or off there.

You have two options that would allow you to do this.

  1. Use Rule Machine and create a rule that will trigger when the power usage from your plug is greater than X, with X being a bit less than the lower power the device will use when it is powered on.

  2. Use the Community Harmony Integration and know directly from Harmony if it is on or off. That is what I use and it works great!

Thanks for the prompt reply.

  1. I was thinking about such a rule but could not find a virtual device where I can update only state without actually turning it on/off. (The button on the IR remote control is just a power toggle so if I push it again when power consumption is detected it will actually turn it off). I ended up adding additional virtual switch to track the on/off state.

  2. The community integration is great, I have that as well but I am looking for more granular device control. I have a Dashboard that has every button of the remote control mapped to tiles and then using http-momentary-switch and maddox/harmony-api

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