Update C7 Hub hangs - blue LED on - cannot connect with diagnostic tool


I was updating my C7 hub today and the updater never finished updating the hub and now I have a blue LED on.

I can ping the hub's IP address but am unable to use the diagnostic tool on port 8081 as the webpage refused to connect.

What do I do now?



Update: looks like I can now get into the diagnostic tool now.

Here are the steps that worked well for this scenario;

  • Go to http://your.hubs.ip.address:8081/
  • Revert to previous version.
  • After it comes up, go to http://your.hubs.ip.address:8081/ yet again and "revert" to version 2.2.5.
  • It's possible that 2.2.5 is not showing as an option at this point. Use Download latest version to get it onto the hub. Doing so doesn't switch to the downloaded version, so once download is done, use revert option to switch.
  • If it still doesn't come up, revert to previous version and let us know.
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I used the instructions and now the hub is running