Update all devices by type


I want to create a rule, where all devices of a certain type are changed. In particular, I want to close all virtual contact sensors at midnight (I use virtual contact sensors to communicate with Amazon Echo).

Unfortunately, when creating a rule, I have to select each device separately. I am looking for something like: Change all devices with type XY. Or as work around: group all devices by type to XY group and change this group. So that I do not have to adapt the rule everytime when I add another new device of the same type.

Is this possible?



No. But there is at least one community app that will let you group all contact sensors. Here you go:

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Or mine which is loosely based on dmans, but both of these only let you group the sensors for monitoring. You can't action on these groups, but you can group devices to use as a condition.


Ok great thank you!

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