Unused conditions now highlighted

Is this new, I haven't noticed it before. Anyway, this is very helpful.

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Yes, someone requested it, and so it was added.


I find it very helpful !!


I find it a right royal pain in the ***, because I had to spend the best part of 45 minutes rewriting one rule when it decided to change the way they function. So in total I have spent 1.5 hrs on that one rule, that took me 45 seconds in smartlife (or its nearest equivalent).
This, exactly this, along with updates killing functions every second week, is why this thing is going to fail, people will only put up with so much.

I can't afford to have my immersion heater running for half the night, which is what that useful update caused. THE WHOLE POINT of buying Hubitat is it's supposed to be more stable and reliable than Smartlife. Guess what, it isn't, the concept is great, but the execution is terrible.

I haven't found this problem. Can you show an example of a rule that stopped working by the addition of the [unused] highlight?

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Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. Thank you.


The change mentioned in this thread doesn’t affect how rules function.

It was just a change to the appearance of conditions in the UI.


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