Unresponsive HUB

Every now and then the hub becomes unresponsive, which requires powering it off and back on. Is is a good idea to put the hub on the timer so it is automatically powered off for a short period of time, and then restarted?

No, this is a bad idea.

Best thing to do is create a rule that runs regularly, say every night, that reboots the Hub.

The trigger is a certain time.

The actions are below:
Send POST to: http://HUBip:8080/hub/reboot -->(json) body: http://HUBip:8080/hub/reboot


An uncontrolled reboot like the timer plug would most likely cause data base corruption. Mike's method reboots the hub gracefully. You may instead want to try disabling some apps or rules to see if you can identify what is causing the slowdowns if you haven't already done so.


"Cold" reboots, as stated above, are definitely a bad idea, and a "polite" restart is good, but the best idea is figuring out what is making your hub unresponsive. Are you running any custom apps or drivers? If so, consider disabling them one-by-one (or not, I guess) to see if you can narrow down if anything helps. If you aren't, reaching out to Support for further guidance may be helpful.


Only if you don't want to fix the problem :slight_smile:
The hub is not designed to require constant rebooting - this is an obvious indicator that something is wrong with your configuration. The tricky bit is finding out what that might be.

@bertabcd1234 suggestion about disabling Apps and Devices should be your first course of action followed by contacting Support


Look at it this way:

  • When it's dead, that's a problem, and power-cycling it is the only remaining recourse.

  • If it's not dead, that's not a problem, so power-cycling it may even cause a problem.

As already mentioned, the solution is to identify and eliminate the cause of the problem and not just attempt to mask it.


It is actually true this place has a wonderful community. Amazing. Thanks you all, especially Mike -- that's what I was looking for and did not even realize it was possible.


Some perspective:
I started home automation as a hobby in 2006. In 2008, after trying a few different things, I settled on a product that I still use today. That's over ten years of experience with the same home automation system.

Do I have an automation that reboots it every night?

Do I periodically reboot it in order to ward off problems?

Has it always worked flawlessly?
No. I fixed my screw-ups that were causing problems.

If you need to reboot Hubitat every night to ensure its performance, you have a problem that requires correction. It is either something you've created or a subtle flaw in Hubitat's code. Either way, it ought to be fixed.

The end-result will be a step forward in your understanding of Hubitat and, possibly, a correction that benefits all Hubitat users. Because, after ten years of working with a stable system, rebooting daily is simply not normal.


Just to humour me, what system is that?

It's Premise Home Control. Given that it was discontinued in 2006, and has only a handful of remaining users, it is not a competitor to Hubitat so I have no qualms mentioning it here.

It was designed by a small team of developers (some ex-Microsoft) and professional systems integrators (circa 1998). It was created for use by professional installers but they also offered a version for hobbyists. The company was sold to Lantronix and then to Motorola who ultimately discontinued it in 2006. They never open-sourced it but they did make it freely available with an unlimited license. I learned about it in 2007 and, after having had my fill of Misterhouse, switched to Premise.

I went on to write several drivers/apps for it (ELK M1, HAI Omnistat/2, Environment Canada, etc). My most recent contribution (last year) is support for MQTT. I use it to connect Premise to another home automation software (a well-known open-source project) and then leverage its modern UI to interact with Premise. Premise's UI was very advanced for its time but, due to advancements in web technologies over the past 15 years, it's the one thing that has not aged well.

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My hope with the firmware delays, Iā€™m hoping the Hubitat team has been making progress with all these issues...

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