Unresponsive Devices

I have 109 Z-wave devices that have been working fine & all of the sudden at lease 40 devices are not responding to any commands from the "Device List" page or Dashboard. Any help is appreciated

Have you made any recent changes to the hub?

Have you tried a shutdown, then pull the plug at the wall and wait 30 seconds before powering up?

Any errors in the logs?

Anything unusual in Device or App stats?

Can you post a screenshot of your Zwave Details page?

I tried the shutdown process as mentioned to no avail, then I started to troubleshoot each device, I found one bad switch that once triggered every device after that would not operate and would hang the HUB. I removed the switch and everything seems to work for now, I'm not sure if that was the main cause, but until problem arise that may have solved it. I will update.
Thank you for your response and valuable input.

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