Unresponsive Automations (or Partially Responsive)

It seems to have begun with the .706 update, but I am hesitant to roll back as I have a lot of Hue dependency BUT I have automations that seem to not fire, here are some examples.

  1. Simple Lighting that turns on a light when a door opens and turns off the light 2 minutes after close. Lights come on when the door opens, but never shut off. (I have 3 of these and they are now very inconsistent with the light turning off). Logs report contact sensor as closed.

  2. I have two specific timed automations through RM that should trigger mode changes. Early Evening and Late Night. Early Evening requires the Mode to be Home and Triggers 60 minutes prior to sunset. Since .706 this automation fires inconsistently. Late night requires the mode to be 'Night' and triggers at midnight... this too fires inconsistently.

  3. Motion Lighting also seems to not turn off lights when motion stops. For instance, I have a Closet light that turns on when there is motion and should turn off 2 minutes after motion stops. The light does not turn off but the logs show the sensor as going 'inactive'.

All I can say is ??????

This is probably totally unrelated…but I also noticed a bit of a slow down on my hubitat when accessing the admin interface. My automations were firing but with a slight delay and one of my zwave switches was very slow to respond.

I had a lot of changes so it was difficult to pin point.

  • I had smartTiles installed but only just configured it as my go to remote interface (trying to get rid of St altogether)
  • added a bunch of motion sensors and new automations
  • the 706 update with Hue integration

In any case, I noticed a LOT of activity in my logs and there seems to be quite a bit of back and forth between the smartTiles app and the Other Hub app. I REALLY wanted to keep my SmartTiles and reduce my need for Other hub so I started with Other Hub and removed 30+ devices that were no longer needed (including the now redundant Hue lights). I rebooted my hub and have been fine since.

Just my story. I can’t say it will apply to you but I would say start with your logs to see what might be spamming it and reduce the activity in those apps first.

Otherwise, reach out to support. Apparently they have tools that can find app/devices that might be putting too much load on your hub.

Not sure if that is related, but my hub just stopped to work tonight. Could not open admin interface. Had to pull the power plug to reboot.

In addition to .706 could the following things have an impact:

  1. I installed homebridge on a docker with @tonesto7 homebridge/hubitat add on and set the poll to 60 seconds.

  2. Created a rule to refresh certain light z-wave lightswitches to every 6 minutes so that physical events would be sync’d back to home kit. (I think 10 switches or so).

  3. Obviously added a bunch of Hue devices (about 20 including color bulbs, white bulbs and RGBW Strips).

I think you should contact support and let them run their diagnostics. If they resolve it for you, then report back here so everyone can be informed. Just my 2 cents.

Did yesterday… things just got weirder with timed automations failing so I reached out here as well.

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