Unreliable presence detection with latest HE app update (1.4.1)

I have been running version 1.3.2 of the app with very few issues on a Pixel 3 running Android 10. I recently updated the app to version 1.4.1 and my presence detection became non-existent unless I opened the HE app. I once again made sure that the app has always on location permissions and that the battery optimization is off but it did not seem to help with the issue. I did notice that when I revoked location permission in 1.4.1 and then re-enabled it the app did not give me an option to always give location permission (picture 1) like it did in the previous version (picture 2). I am not sure if this is the issue with the app not updating my location. Thank you.

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Same here, 1.4.1 presence does not work with my S10+. It did in prior versions.

Same here on s10 and wifes pixel , I've logged it with @bobbyD , might be worth others sending in their debug information

Add my S10 to this list. I did go in and manually change the location permissions to "Allow all the time", It seems like the app upgrade must have lowered location permissions to "...only when app is active". I haven't verified to see if the location permissions change fixed the issue yet I will advise tomorrow after I've tested it.

it only works for me on app launch, tested today and drove into my Geo zone with the app open and it didn't update. Have to close it and relaunch the it changed me being home

Has been very unreliable since the releases, done over nn weeks, to improve accuracy...
Supposedly I left 3:xx AM today % returned 8:xx AM...
Life360 says no.....

I'm seeing the same thing. S10 5g and Pixel XL2. Only works if you have it opened.

Last stable update broke location exactly as described here for my Spouse on Pixel4XL. Permissions also verified, and battery optimization as well. I have been on Beta, and previous and current beta perform precisely the same as described here.

I've logged it, has anyone else?

I stopped using the HE app for presence months ago as I found Life360 to be more reliable.
I do still log it though.
My wife's phone hasn't registered a departure since March. When I opened the app on her phone I had to log in as there had been an update.
I moved the location (in the HE app) so that it logged her as away and moved it back and she registered back home again.
As you can see from this screen shot, Life360, Locative and Tado (this is refreshed every 5 mins so will always have a delay) all recorded the presence as away today and then present. HE (Phone) did not.
This was the same for me. For some reason it registered me as away in the evening of the 3rd and back again on morning of the 4th.
I'm on an S8 and my wife is using an S7.
Whatever happened in the latest update to the HE app has basically killed presence detection for us.

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Me too. Using HTC U11 with Android 9 with the app auto-updating. Looking back at the logs, it was working during these times:
(out of town for a month)
2/5-4/5/2020 (was working great around this time)
And then very intermittently since then (worked exactly twice).

Today the app out of the blue decided to change my status to outside when I was on a run (when I haven't touched the app in days) and then refused to change back when I got home. Mind you I have traveled much further for much longer periods of time in the past since early April. Made for an interesting evening when it thinks I'm out and all the lights were turned down or dark. Very moody and romantic but I am single so it impressed no one.

Please advise or fix. Thanks!

@bobbyD do you know when is the beta update will go as a release in the play store?

I opened a support ticket with Bobby. He enrolled me in the beta test for the fix version. It definitely is a compatibility issue with the current public version of the app and Android 10. The beta works great .. have my snappy presence detection back. Running it on a Pixel 3XL. My home arms and disarms when I leave and return again... And then greets me when I come home. It seems even more responsive than the old app that worked but that is only after leaving and returning a couple of times.


Update - The app went to 1.4.2 recently and the presence monitor resumed working. I also disabled battery optimization on the app and I'm not sure which is responsible, so I'm re-enabling optimization to see whether it breaks the presence monitor again.

On both of ours (Galaxy 10+) here, the 1.4.1 update changed the "always" permission for Location to "only when the app is running".

1.4.2 fixed location detection for both our Galaxy 10+ and 10e

I have been testing the beta 1.4.2 and 1.4.3 versions of the app on Android 10 and they appear to have fixed the unreliable presence detection of the app.

@bobbyD Has their been a recent updated im on 1.4.4 build 78 and the presence has gotten worse
Samsung s10

Since they updated my iOS app has been all over the place with the presence app.. just now, I’m sitting on my couch not touching any of my devices just watching tv and all of the sudden my phone pops the EXIT notification and then about 5 seconds later I get a ENTER notification.. It freaked me out cause when I ENTER it unlocks and disarms my alarm!! What is with the last update?? I have to disable all my presence rules just to make sure my house isn’t randomly just unlocked.. this is slightly discouraging, and I know I’ll have someone give me grief about this, but Wink never gave me this kind of issue.. I hope HE get this fixed.. I’m on app version 1.0.9-82 and HE version rev C-5

1.4.5 doesn't work on my Moto E5 play. 3 times this week it has not detected that I have returned from being away, and once when my phone was sitting on the back porch 10 feet from the back door plugged into a charger while I was doing yard work, it decided that I was away.