Unregister C-7

Good day all,

I had sold my C-7 and the new owner can not register the hub as it’s stuck in my old subscription. My subscription was cancelled months ago but it still has months to go before it ends. I am having zero luck in removing this hub from my account. I am looking for some pointers as the new owner is patiently waiting a resolution.

Thanks for any insight.

maybe one for @bobbyD ....

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simply log in to my.hubitat.com and unregister the hub...

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Can you send me your email address or MAC address of the hub in a private message? I can de-register your hub from our end before the subscription expires.

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I would love to, if the option to private message you would populate. Weird. However I will gladly take you up on that offer!

Just click his name then click the green message box

That's what is so odd, there is no message box. lol

Join the owners group to get messaging permission:


Thank you. This is what makes Hubitat what it is. A great deal of people willing to help with anything no matter how simple or difficult. :+1: