Unpairing Iris devices

I recent got my Hubitat Elevation and would like to use my Iris devices with it. My question is, the devices had been paired to the Iris when it was shut down in March. I did not unpair them from Iris. Can they still be paired to Hubitat?

Yea, they will all need to be factory reset so they can join another hub.
There are videos on the internet on how to do this.
We also have instructions for many devices. Videos are better since you can verify its actually the device that you own.

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All of the Iris branded devices that I'm aware of are Zigbee (Contact, Motion, Presence, Water Leak sensors, Button, Smart Plug, Care Pendant) probably others I'm forgetting so they will need to be factory reset as Mike said, make sure to choose Zigbee when pairing.

Most of the lock options, garage door openers, light switches, smoke/CO, and other 3rd party devices that worked with Iris where Z-Wave, those you can exclude from the Z-Wave join screen before attempting to join them, you just need to know what the pair button is on the device or on the locks you have to follow the manufactures instructions to get into the lock with the master code to unpair while the hub is in exclude mode then pair while it is in join mode.

@mykul98 - be sure to choose the correct "Zigbee Pairing" button, depending on whether your old Iris devices are v1 or v2. Iris v2 and newer devices pair on hubitat as "Zigbee", whereas Iris v1 devices must be paired using the special "Iris v1 Zigbee" button.