Unpairable Zigbee device (Aqara curtain motor)

Hey guys. So I've bought 2 x Aqara curtain motors to install at home. Before buying I checked that there is a community driver already made for it. After successfully pairing one of them I was so happy it works. However Im not so lucky with the 2nd one. I kept trying to pair it like 20 times, and I get the same result - Hubitat sees it. Device sends a few logs back and I am able to control it for a few seconds from device page. But the device led light keeps flashing as it was still pairing. But after that - device becomes unresponsive.

I know I should be asking this in a relevant thread, but it seems to be some issue with the zigbee device pairing, not with the drivers. Because one of the motors works fine.

How important is it to keep the devices VERY close to the hub when pairing? I paired the 1st one while still had it in hand, which was like 6 feet closer to the hub than the 2nd motor is (I tried pairing it after installing on the curtains).

Zigbee devices don't generally require you to move them close but it could be the location. Not enough repeaters. If one works and one doesn't them it's either the location of the second one or the device itself has an issue.

I'm not familiar with these blinds but for the ones I use its the mounting hardware that the biggest part of install. So can you swap locations of the shades? If different size windows then of coarse you can't.

Problem solved. Just needed to pair it while holding a little closer to the hub. Voila!