Unknown new error

I'm getting this unknown new error. It's occurred 2 nights in a row now.

App129 takes me to the SuperTile display that is and has been working fine.

I had a very similar error for my Samsung presence fobs. I don't have Supertiles for these fobs. When both fobs were present, I hit configure and the error seems to have gone away. They were working fine (at least they appeared to) but throwing this error.

Not sure what or why configure fixed this error, or why all the sudden I got it as I haven't done or changed literally anything since the last update...

Maybe this is one of the improvements to logging?

@mike ike
This doesn't look like a supertile error
This look more like a resources error because the code is telling the hub to run something but the hub is unable to set the schedule

Have you tried a reboot?

Yes. Hub reboots every morning. I don't think it's a super tile error either however it's all I've got at the moment.

Hi @mike,

Did you upgrade the HE FW lately, and did it start after that?

Seems to me like a Java exception on two lines of code in the device handler, but this code is not open, if it is a built in device driver. If it is a user added driver, then I would go back to the older version, if you updated the driver.

But I would start with asking, what did change in the environment, and work out from that.

Just some thoughts from this part of the globe.

Kind regards
Oslo, Norway

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Getting these errors every night. It seems to be All handler, which I obviously cant see/edit. The errors dont appear except for these times in the very early morning.

Edit: I reboot every night, and recently, did a soft-reset.

Please show the app throwing the errors.

It just shows "hub".
App129 is SuperTile, but @Cobra above said it's not a Supertile error.

Not an issue for an app to throw an error? OK then.

Well thats not very helpful. I'm just trying to get it fixed.

I have been away for a few days and will look at the code today.
However; I will say the nobody else has reported the error.


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It looks like you haven't set the 'Auto Refresh Interval' in the app
Each of those errors seem to be pointing to this setting.
If you do have it set, can you please change it, save, then change it back?

Please let me know how you get on.

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I did as suggested, and same errors. I only get the errors for a short window around HE housekeeping time. Very weird.

I am starting to see this error too for an ST presense sensor and a zigbee plug.

I am getting the same java exception error as cuboy29 "unable to acquire lock to schedule...." . Mine is just for Smartthings presence fobs though.

I did a configure on the fobs when I first got the error a couple weeks ago, and it temporarily went away. It is back again, so I don't know if configure did anything or whether it was some type of fluke.

@cuboy29 @neonturbo
These errors are from the devices, not an app right?

All these error, including the one from my app, appear to be related to the 'runIn' command
@mike I can sort of attribute yours to being the hub being busy during the backup windows (if then is when it happens) so cannot get a lock to run runIn
I suspect that the driver is having a similar issue as it's about the same time.


Yes sir.. not coming from app that I can tell from the log.

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They all seem to be from the backup window. All of @cuboy29 errors are within that period. See Unknown new error

It's a weird one.

interesting.. thanks for pointing that out. Seems like the nightly backup is doing something to the HUB to cause this.