Unintended Test of HSM

I've had HSM set up for months now. When armed, it uses contact sensors for Asleep mode, and both contact and motion sensors for Away mode.

A couple of weeks ago I adopted a dog. (You can start laughing now.)

He's an adult dog, and has excellent house manners. But, for the first couple of weeks, I've been putting him in his crate when I left the house because I wasn't sure I could trust him on his own. (I'm usually home.)

Today I decided to test his trustworthiness, so I took him for a long walk and then left him loose in the house while I ran a couple of errands... and he continually triggered all of the motion sensors while he played with his kong ball. And I was continually notified that there was an intruder in the house. And Alexa kept telling the dog to leave, which of course he didn't listen to. And I came back to all of the lights on.

But at least I know it all works. :rofl::crazy_face::smiley:

May need to make a few changes...


We have a couple different animals wandering around our house at all hours, so i have enough trouble using motion sensors to trigger automations without too many false triggers. I’ve never even considered using motion as a trigger for HSM alerts while the house is in away mode (and same for SHM before that).:dog:

I almost always have at least one animal wandering around, so I've never used motion sensors with HSM, or other such systems. But I had been between pets for long enough to be lured into complacency. At least he was having fun while I was away.

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At least you don't have a siren. The poor thing would have never left his crate again! :stuck_out_tongue: :dog2:

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