"Unexpected Error" with old 2.0 Rule

I'm trying to modify an old 2.0 rule, but can't even open it as I'm getting "Unexpected Error". It's purpose is to turn off our window lights, so it isn't something I look at very often. Now I want to add another lamp, and that's when I discovered the problem.

Log entry

java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object on line 910 (mainPage)

I can of course create the rule again, but honestly I can't remember every detail of it. And it still works perfectly, that's why I haven't noticed the issue until now.

Any ideas I can try? Or is it easier/faster to just create a new one from memory?

It's going to be much easier to make a new one.

Thanks. I'll go for that. I think I can decode most of the behaviour from the settings page. :slight_smile: