"Unexpected Error" when setting color per mode


If I'm creating a rule action and choose "Set Dimmers and Bulbs" then "Set color per mode", if I pick the color as "Custom HSB color" I always get this error:

When I click the Done option on the error page, the rule is pretty much unsalvageable. Any attempt to add a new action brings me back to the error page. I'm forced to delete the rule and start again.

I've reproduced the error with different bulbs and mode selections. The only work around I've found is to first select the "Pick a color" option and then select "Custom HSB color". Picking the other options from the drop down does not prevent the crash. Even if I set my first mode's HSB color, I still first need to select "Pick a color" on the subsequent modes or else the rule will crash when I select "Custom HSB color".

I've updated to the latest platform version and still have the error.

Thank you!

Upon further testing, even if I'm able to avoid the error by preselecting "pick a color", once I select "Custom HSB color", I'm not able to save any values for the HSB fields. They return to zero when I enter a value.

edit 2
Actually if I select any of the drop down color options, the values won't save. If I select "red" the "bulb level" field returns to zero when I attempt to enter a value.

Please show screenshots of the logs, and the rule itself.

Sorry, how would I do that? I can't complete the rule. It crashes when I'm attempting to set the action and does not let me add further actions.

Then show a screenshot of the logs when it crashes.

Here is the rule right before I select "Custom HSB Color" in the "Bulb color for DAY" drop down:

Here is the log:

What release are you on?

Never mind. I found the problem. Will get a fix for that in the next release. Sorry for the aggravation.


Here are the fields after I did my workaround of selecting "pick a color" and then "Custom HSB color"

Not sure how to illustrate this better but in this screenshot I've typed "80" into the Hue field. When I click outside the field it reverts back to "0". Same for all the other HSB fields.

See post just above yours.

Color per mode definitely worked fine for me before the release that added all the boxes in the actions window for moving things around and quickly editing actions. Not sure which update that was but I think it was somewhat recent.

Ah cool. Thank you!


Thanks for the quick updates

But I'm still getting the same error on

I get this when creating new rules with "Color per mode > Custom HSB Color" or modifying existing ones.

Oh my, sorry about that. This is a different bug along the same lines as the last one, that I missed. Will be fixed in next release.

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Ah I see. No worries. Thanks for the update!

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