Unexpected error editing rule (RM 4.0)


Creating a rule I found a problem when editing.

When I try to edit I get this message:


Also in the logs I can see errors like this one.

This is the rule that I was creating.

The problem happened when I tried to remove the first END-IF and put another at the end.



Ouch. That's a sign that the rule has become corrupted internally. Nothing can be done to resurrect it. You'll have to enter it again.


Ohhhhh what a mess!!!, XDDDD

Don't worry. Thanks for your response.



Bruce, I get that a lot when i'm trying to create a rule can make a mistake and pick the wrong action or condition. You just have to delete the rule and start over


If you can come up with a repeatable case, I could probably track down the source of it.


I got that same message creating a global variable. Now it wont let me delete the variable or create a new one. Any help?