Unexpected Device Subscription

I created a new RL and was playing around with it. At one point I added a Means to Activate based on an illuminance sensor. Subsequent to that I removed that MtA (unchecked the device selector and the capability selector). It no longer shows up as a MtA, as expected. However, the RL is still subscribing to the illuminance sensor and the Log shows triggers on that device. This is unexpected.

Screenshots below show the RL, the Event subscriptions, and the Logs.

I'm not able to replicate this behavior, especially if I un-select the illuminance sensor before un-checking illuminance as a means to turn on (in which case it disappears immediately). But even if I just do the latter, the device gets erased after I hit "Update" or "Done" in the app. Have you done either one of those? Either is necessary to re-do the app subscriptions for changes like this. (They're the same, except "Update" keeps you in the app and doesn't return you to the previous page like "Done.")

Did you hit Update after removing the setting? It usually cleans up when you do that.

Update does seem to have cleared it up. Oddly, clicking on Done (which is what I'd done previously), did not. Not sure why.

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