Understanding Scene restrictions

I am starting to explore more in Hubitat as I'm slowly moving over from SmartThings. I am sure I will have many questions. This particular one is about scenes.

I watched the scene tutorial video but it skirts over the restrictions options. I have created two scenes in Hubitat to do something. For both I have added time based restrictions that spans sunset-15 to sunrise. On the hub web UI in the apps section, one scene shows (restricted) as expected (mid-morning), and the other shows (on). Why is that? Not sure if it's a problem - just unexpected.

I have created a RuleMachine 4.0 rule to turn on the scene if a switch goes on. My expectation is that if the scene is activated by RM in the day, the scene will not trigger. Is that a reasonable expectation?

After triggering a switch, both scenes now say Not Set, so I guess that is ok.

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