Understanding DB level in Device Details

There is a signal strength indicator in DB when looking at devices in the details page. It is actually doing the opposite of what I thought.

I have distant lamp dimmer (furthest from the hub) that seems to react slowly to commands. I installed a Z-Wave Plus receptacle switch midway in distance between the hub and the lamp. My hope was to use it just as a repeater in the mesh.

The next day I checked the signal strength. It actually lowered the strength from 4DB to -6DB. Similarly, a table lamp dimmer located just 15 feet from the hub with no obstructions went from 3DB to -1DB.

Am I interpreting wrongly what the DB level means?

Probably not. It's the signal strength above the noise level. So anything with a negative signal strength is basically in the noise.

Is your new device actually repeating anything?

Post your z-wave details page and tell us which switch it is

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I have several locations where I can install my C7. Is it a good idea that I can try each location and shoot for the one with the highest overall DB values? Do I need to wait 24 hours or whatever before the DB values are updated?

I think centrally located is the best. You can also do @lewis.heidrick 's antenna mod as well.

Possibly. There are a variety of measurements taken in dB, and a measurement in dB (as opposed to dBi, or dBm) is just a relative measurement between two undefined things, but not a well defined metric like dBm or Watts. RSSI which is commonly shown in the Zwave and Zigbee pages is just a measure of relative signal quality, NOT a measure of signal power (EiRP) or Carrier to Noise. There are different definitions in use by different manufacturers, so I would consider it an indicator as opposed to a truth.