Undergraduate Research Project - Universal Smart Home API

So as some veterans in the industry may know, I have been in and out of this community due to being a college student. This semester I have earned my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Houston-Downtown.

One of the degree requirements is during the final semester to create a senior project that showcases what we have learned. I picked mine on a very personal topic which is improving IoT connections. The result of this is a universal Smart Home API designed to be as simple as possible to integrate. I call this project Thing Internet Protocol, or TIP. Similar to other attempts it unites Smart Home Products no matter the brand.

I've decided to share the first effort, the result of the senior project to the community. At this time, I am not going to release sample code - but if I see some good feedback, I want to expand on this for the future, I already have some ideas but want to put this out to the community.
Protocol Specification (version 0.05, draft): Thing Internet Protocol Specification - Google Docs
Project Video URL: https://youtu.be/51HuI2n_L4s

I am intending a full Hubitat integration soon and polishing up the others (including Wyze). The included integration was a quick dirty solution to integrate with my Hubitat. I am actively looking for employment, with a life goal of using IoT to make life easier.