Unable to pair IRIS V1 Contact Sensor through Xbee router

Has anyone seen issues or inconsistencies with pairing IRIS V1 contact sensors through XBee routers? I have no issues pairing the IRIS V2 motion sensors but the V1 contact sensors give me a hell of a time.

There are no bulbs connected to the hub, so no "bulb doesn't repeat well" issue.

Ran a Zigbee Sniff and see that the hub encryption key gets send to the contact sensor. Changed the batteries, tried a different sensor, still with the same result....

Any ideas?

Wasn't this the reason HE spent the time writing the specific V1 native drivers, because without those drivers the V1's couldn't be joined to any other zigbee network other than Iris's proprietary network?

I've been known to not know what I'm talking about though so this may be an example of that.

I think so but I don't even get to the driver piece, the device stays in "Initializing" while trying to pair.
Or do I misunderstand what you mean?

I would say that is what was special about those drivers integration. The same thing happened to me when I tried to join an Iris V2 motion sensor using the Iris V1 Join tab instead of the zigbee join, it just stayed on initializing.

I would assume it is something proprietary to the V1 devices joining process that is not like normal zigbee devices joining.

Try joining the device directly to the hub and then move it to it's final location. The pairing process is different for V1 Iris stuff. That's why it has a separate pairing button on the add-device screen.
It wasn't just drivers for these devices that had to be added to the hub. It was a whole lot of code.

That works thanks.... just a big pain in the behind to un-mount the devices when they drop off.... need to think of replacing those....

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It sounds like a reason for yet another hub!

How would that help? You'd still have to bring the device to the hub (or the hub to the device). Another hub would NOT help. It would just mean you now have two zigbee meshes and need twice as many repeaters.

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Plus I might still not be able to solve my problems of pairing in place.... New lot of contact sensors is on order

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This was more of a joke than anything, however, I have personally used a separate hub for V1 devices and it worked very well.

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The only thing I'm gonna say is that if 1 hub is good enough for bruce, it's good enough for me.

From my understanding you have two zigbee meshes already one for V1 devices and the other for modern zigbee devices. I think V1 repeaters can only repeat for V1 devices, and visa versa. I might be wrong. Having two hubs might help. I have a different setup all together without any issues.

That is not correct. You only have one zigbee mesh. ZHA devices are able to repeat for Iris Gen 1 devices since repeating is done on the network layer and not the application layer of the message. But you cannot join Gen 1 devices through a ZHA repeater. You have to do that directly to the hub. There is only one zigbee radio on the hub and therefore only one zigbee mesh is possible.

Having two hubs would not help. In fact it would hurt. You would need to double the number of repeaters in your mesh to make both networks as strong as the mesh you'd have with one hub.

I can confirm this is how it behaves having sniffed my zigbee mesh. And I also agree with this statement:

In this particular instance two hubs would not help. And @Ryan780, I am not saying that a multiple hub setup is not worth it, just not in this instance :slight_smile:

The first step in getting help is admitting you have a problem. :wink: :rofl:

Thank you for clarifying. Much appreciated

I'd be happy if I had only one problem :rofl:

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